ELLADA is a ADA stacking pool with 0% fees, calling all Greeks and around friends to gather, stack our coins and build the dream of a decentralised community.

We believe in the power and the possibilities of the Cardano blockchain, we also believe that the Cardano blockchain is going to be the number one in the crypto space. And we want to be part of this revolutionairy masterpiece. We like to challenge the status quo and we know that it’s possible with Cardano.

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Always 0% Margin Fee

ELLADA pool will always have 0% margin fee on produced blocks

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Our servers have multi-layered security and are protected from DDos attacks. Over 99.9% uptime eliminating the chances of losing blocks due to technical issues.

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Here to help

Have questions, need support, or just want to hang out and talk Cardano?
You can visit our Telegram.

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Help The Stray

We commit 10% of our revenue to be donated towards Takis Shelter Nonprofit Organization who rescues and cares for abandoned dogs and cats on the island of Crete and places them for adoption.

Pool infos and stats🚀

We are delegations and everyday our team grows!